Calvino’s City Reinterpreted
Emotional Bauci by OFL Architecture

Francesco Lipari of OFL Architecture has re-created the City of Bauci from one of the novels of Italian writer Italo Calvino. Lipari’s kinetic installation, titled Emotional Bauci, was specially developed for the ‘Mirabilia: Interpretations of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities’ exhibition happened at the Antilia Gallery last month.

Emotional Bauci was built with waste materials from games and music. It is combined with plants, carillon and 3D-printed objects. The small, immersive and interactive work can be activated by visitors through a simple electric guitar pedal.

Additionally, as a tribute to the work of Jean Tinguely, the installation showcases a happy coexistence of seemingly distant disciplines in their diversity to hybridise. The symphony of gears trigger the dynamism of the overall mechanism. Lipari uses this interesting project to  represent his years of research on emotional cities with rapid changes globally  which effects humans to react to the changes with resilience.