Cafe Racer On The Moon
NASA Motorcycle Concept by Andrew Fabishevskiy

The recent hype around space missions is still going strong with SpaceX aiming to send a crew to Mars in only a few years, but let’s not forget the very first place humans visited off-world. With new moon missions planned by various countries in the coming years, Moscow-based designer Andrew Fabishevskiy has created this unofficial NASA Motorcycle Concept, bringing something different to the standard moon rover.

The two-wheeled concept looks subtle, and weight reduction was clearly high a high priority. The bike silhouette smacks of cafe racer but it’s heavily stripped down, with just metallic rods serving as the frame. Fabishevskiy doesn’t offer any explanation on his design, so we can only take wild guesses as to the reasoning behind some of the design choices. A foil bag with NASA logo seems to conceal the motor, while the golden orb beneath the seat perhaps serves as some kind of battery system. What’s interesting is the orange lines connecting both front and rear wheels as well as the handle bars, suggesting the motorcycle is both electric-powered and two-wheel-drive. The spokes of the wheels are inspired by the shape of the Star of David, while a few white essential body parts complete the minimalistic look.