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Tempus Titan R electric bike

Electric bicycles are getting more powerful theses days, and more efforts are spent on crafting the perfect appearance. The latest Titan R from Tempus is a good example of showing what electric bikes can achieve and why they are getting more popular.

Following the style of classic cafe racer motorcycles from the last century, at a glance Titan R looks more like a motorcycle than a bicycle. The elongated flat leather seat and the LED headlight both contribute to the retro look, but perhaps the faux gas tank holding all electric components would get the main credit. The 1000W hub motor is paired with a removable battery back and offer a too speed of 45 km/h and a range of over 65km. The interesting bike also incorporates a colour LCD screen showing speed, distance travelled, battery level and so on and ignition can be password protected. It should be a good alternative for people who love the look of a retro motorbike but not so keen on its potential danger and speed.