Built Without Restriction
Rodin FZero

When New Zealand automaker Rodin first announced their ultimate hypercar back in 2019, there was a definite sense of scepticism due to the company’s lack of history and big dreams. A few years on, though, and Rodin has established itself as a credible player in the field. That’s partly because of some high-profile partnerships, and partly because the production version of the long-promised FZero is nearly here.

The track-only 2023 Rodin FZero has been developed with the express goal of being the fastest car on earth, without any of the limitations imposed road or racing regulations. The production car is surprisingly large, measuring 5,500 mm in length, 2,200 mm in width, and 1,130 mm in height — yet it only weighs 698 kg thanks to the carbon composite chassis and body panels. The aerodynamic package also offers a massive 4000kg of downforce. The FZero uses a hybrid powertrain that is based around a 4-litre V10 engine and is capable of producing 1,159 hp and a peak torque of 1,026 Nm — it’s not surprising then that the car can reach 360 km/h.

It’s said that only 27 examples of the FZero will be built and each will be priced at £1.8 million minimum. This will be an interesting one to watch, as with such a high price tag and so much left to prove, who knows if these machines are going to be snapped up instantly?