Built For Tarmac
2021 Ariel Nomad R

In addition to its famous Atom, British automaker Ariel launched the Nomad back in 2015 as a tarmac-capable off-road racer, followed by a supercharged version in 2016. Now Ariel has announced the ultimate version of the Nomad – the Nomad R. The fastest and most powerful iteration yet, this ultra-rare model isn’t just for off-road fun — it’s been built specifically to race in tarmac rallies.

Instead of the standard Nomad’s 2.4-litre Honda K24 – which produces 335 hp and 330 Nm – the Nomad R packs a Honda K20Z3 2.0-litre motor fitted with an Ariel-developed Eaton-type twin lobe supercharger, meaning it can accelerate from 0-96 km/h in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 195 km/h. The six-speed, close-ratio Sadev sequential race gearbox is equipped with “Tarmac Rally’” ratios, while the Bilstein MDS dampers, lightweight 18-inch multispoke alloy wheels with Yokohama A052 tyres and four-piston Alcon callipers all aid the Nomad R in its high-speed pursuits on both road and track. With new seats and revised ergonomics, the Nomad R also has plenty of areas onboard awaiting customisation.

Only five Nomad Rs will be produced, each priced at £64,500 excluding tax.