Build Your Own Engine
BMW R90-S Flat Twin Airhead Engine Model Kit

When the BMW R 90 S first appeared in 1973, it immediately became an icon with its superbike specs, ultra-cool styling, and claim to being one of the fastest production motorcycles of its time. It’s not an easy task to find an R 90 S four decades after its launch, but German publisher Franzis has immortalised the bike’s famous two-cylinder boxer engine through a 1:2 scale model kit.

Franzis has worked hard to create this fabulous model kit, which is an official BMW licensed project and stays true to the original design as much as possible, even though the 200 components of the kit are made of plastic. It’ll take you three to four hours to assemble this kit without the use of glue. Once assembled, the five-speed gearbox — a novelty in motorcycles back then — and other parts such as the crankshaft, rods, and pistons are all movable, encapsulated inside the transparent block for your viewing pleasure. The ignition is now simulated with LEDs, while the original engine sound is now brought to you via a push of the button.

Accompanying the model kit is a 120-page German and English bilingual book. The first 60 pages focus on the history of BMW motorcycles, the boxer engine, and the BMW R 90 S, while the second half of the book is a fully-illustrated instruction guide, detailing the model building process step by step.