Bringing Back the BMW R7
NMoto Nostalgia

BMW wowed the world in 1934 when they debuted the R7 prototype. With its Art Deco, streamlined silhouette it’s difficult to understand why it was not put into production. It was also lost for long and not until 2005 that BMW rediscovered this unique concept and restored it back to yesterday’s glory. Having the opportunity to see the restored concept a few years ago, Alex Niznik of NMoto has recreated the original R7 based on the latest BMW R nineT.

The NMoto Nostalgia took nine months to conceive and finish. NMoto stripped down the current BMW R nineT and rebuilt the bike with 96 handcrafted parts.The in-house team was responsible for creating 74 customs parts including the new 12-litre fuel tank and custom stainless steel exhaust system. Most of the parts are constructed of aluminium to keeping the bike lightweight, in fact the Nostalgia is even lighter than both stock BMW R nineT and the R7 prototype. The stock BMW R nineT electrical system is perfectly integrated with the custom control panels in the handlebar. The vintage design of incorporating ignition lock and speedometer into the headlamp is maintained, while things like LED indicator lights and a keyless ignition system reminds you this is an modernised art piece. NMoto Nostalgia is not just a concept, provide a stock BMW R nineT and NMoto will handle the rest.