Breathable Base Layer
Patagonia Capilene Air

Outdoor lifestyle brand Patagonia recently launched the Buy Less, Demand More campaign, which urges consumers to think twice before buying. Having existing clothes repaired, and shopping second-handedly are effective ways to inflict less harm on the environment. When we do need to buy new items, be sensible on the quantity, purchase something that is durable, and pay more attention to production with fair trade and recycled materials. As an advocate for social and eco issues, Patagonia’s products stick to these tenets, and the Capilene Air collection is no different.

The exceptional base layer collection is made of a blend of 51% merino wool and 49% recycled polyester, which wicks moisture, resists odour and dries quickly. Wool is a material that offers great insulation, is breathable and durable, and all the virgin wool that Patagonia uses is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard. The Capilene Air Crew is soft and plush, and the seamless 3D construction makes sure the top is comfortable to wear in every movement. The Capilene Air Hoody has a high collar and seamless hood that offers extra warmth, while the Capilene Air Bottoms are equally essential for icy landscape adventures.