Boosting Up Your Potential
New Balance FuelCell TC

Who would agree that a pair of high-performance running shoes is not the basic essential for a better running experience?  Especially for long-distance running, the efficiency of the shock-absorbing sole would definitely make a difference.  Every running shoe brand has never ceased to develop the technologies for this, and New Balance is surely in.

As a new member of the flagship FuelCell collection, the new FuelCell TC offers, as claimed officially, the highest efficiency in terms of rebound and shock-absorbance.  The “T” and “C” in the name actually stand for “Training” and “Competition” respectively, meaning it is a pair made suitable for both occasions.

The FuelCell midsole has been upgraded to support runner by providing high rebound, which is like sending back energy to the runner through every step.  Another key structure that makes these new running shoes different is the multiple levels of full-length carbon-plate added to the midsole.  This helps improve the contact between the sole and ground to bring improved stability.  Also, the higher propelling force can be generated for making every step stronger and faster.  To ensure comfortable running, the textile used on the upper is light and breathable.  So your feet can still be dry and cool even after a long-running.

What’s more – the rubber front sole is designed to be more durable.  You won’t need to worry about getting a new pair very soon even if you run every day.