Bold and burly
Jeep Wrangler’s first four-door pickup

Following the warm automotive press reception of the long wheelbase Hellcat-powered Wrangler earlier this month, Jeep Wrangler fanatics have perhaps more to cheer about with the latest news from Toledo. Mark Allen, the maverick head of Jeep Design, dropped a few hints about the latest design of the Wrangler pickup in an interview with Outside Magazine. “I can’t explain too much,” he stated, but there may be things you see on the Crew Chief that you might see on the truck.”

Reading between the lines would suggest a four-door pickup truck with a six-foot bed; exciting news, as Wrangler has never before shown a crew cab pickup concept. Yet, some die-hard fans may be disappointed with other features in the latest design. “You end up throwing away a lot of tailgates to get it right,” Allen indicated. “That doesn’t mean there won’t be something back there, but it won’t be stamped in.” Digging deeper, it seems that the concept’s burly retro styling won’t make it into production as Allen claimed it held little interest for him. The pickup is expected to launch in 2017, so we’ll have a much clearer idea of the final design by this October.