Beyond Packaging Material
House No.12 by MOS Architects

As the society is becoming more aware of the issues plastics cause to mother earth, most people are trying to minimise plastic use. Some countries have banned the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as food containers. Yet there are more uses for this unwelcome material. For example, EPS can be used for thermal insulation or acoustic insulation in buildings. MOS Architects are taking this property to another level and have conceived a concept house built sorely with EPS foam blocks.

Just described as “House No. 12 — A Foam House with 98 Blocks of Foam and 8 Doors”, the rigid and tough, closed-cell foam is extremely lightweight, and assembly of the house could be completed within a few days. Another advantage of using EPS foam is the economical cost. While the house is just an experimental prototype, coating it with a rough cement/stucco as the finish could turn the concept into reality. The project has been compared to an ancient temple, it would be interesting if MOS Architects would explain more on the concept behind the project.