Bare-Bone Aesthetic
1929 Husqvarna Model 30A Racer

It is usually not difficult to spot a vintage vehicle from the contemporary model — the overall retro style or a component or two would have given that away. Yet, seeing this rare 250cc Husqvarna racer from almost 90 years ago and it is still as refreshing as the first day. One key reason is because of it’s stripped down, minimalistic appearance that would just look great in any decade.

Based on the company’s 1929-only Model 30A, the 250cc Husqvarna racer is rarely seen these days, featuring the JAP OHV super sports engine producing 11hp. It was set up and stripped-down for racing in the dirt, featuring the J-series head with enclosed rocker arms and pushrods for keeping the dirt out of the machinery and the oil inside the motor. It also has on open frame with two top tubes, an engine that doubles as a stressed member of the chassis, Druid-type forks with side springs, and no front brake as it was not required for dirt-oval racing. The leather bum pad special Andre steering damper and the abbreviated fenders and open pipe just witness its long history of this 250cc racer.

Restored in the 1980s, this bare-bone bike is part of the MC Collection of Stockholm and was once presented as a contemporary work of art and mechanical sculpture among over 400 motorcycles. It will soon be auctioned by Mecum in the Las Vegas sale on 22-27 January.

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