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Braun Audio returns with LE speakers

The Braun brand has nearly a century of history. In recent years it’s almost a synonyms for practical electric shavers and kitchen appliances, but back in decades ago when iconic designer Dieter Rams was the Head of Braun Design, plenty of revolutionary items including turntables and hi-fi systems were created under this household name. Now British digital radio brand Pure is set to bring Braun Audio back after 28 years’ absence from the category.

Under license from Procter & Gamble, Pure is responsible for the development and manufacture of Braun Audio, and the first project is the reinvention of the timeless LE speakers originally designed by Dieter Rams in 1959. While we have to wait until September for the new speakers to make their debut at IFA in Berlin, Pure ensures the reintroduced LE Range will keep the essence of the bold yet minimalist appearance as shown in these photos, while being supported by  state-of-the-art technology and connectivity.