Back Into Nature
New Era Mountains Collection

Headwear and lifestyle brand New Era is one of the biggest names among streetwear brands. With 100 years of history under its belt, New Era has released endless collections and collaborations with different sports teams, but the recent MOUNTAINS collection sees the brand shifting its direction away from the courts and getting closer to nature instead. 

The new headwear and apparel collection embraces the Japanese “yama” style, focusing on functionality and utility but without ignoring the aesthetics of the design. The existing 9Forty KF and Bucket silhouettes have been transformed, with the head pieces now made from Cordura, a technical performance fabric known for its high durability and wear-and-tear resistance. The pieces are also water-repellent, making them great for hiking and extended stays in the wilderness. Each headpiece features a newly designed “NEW ERA OUTDOOR” wordmark, while a simple graphic representing rugged terrain is embroidered on the front panel. Each style is available in a palette of forest green, lake blue and alpine beige.

New Era has kept it simple for the Mountains apparel collection. The same “NEW ERA OUTDOOR” wordmark and rugged terrain graphic is the focal point of the T-shirt design, which is available in black and white with the print in reversed colours. Both the headpieces and T-shirts have now hit the New Era stores in Hong Kong.