Autonomous And Classic
Siemens creates an autonomous 1965 classic Ford Mustang for Goodwood hillclimb

We previously reported that Roborace will be taking its autonomous Robocar to attempt the famous hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and now it seems there will be a competition in being the first self-driving hillclimber. Siemens has teamed up with the engineers from Cranfield University and converted a classic 1965 Ford Mustang into an autonomous vehicle for conquering the hillclimb.

Turning the existing V8 289 Mustang into an autonomous car was not an easy task, but the engineering team managed to deal with the delicate handling control. Location scanning technology from Bentley Systems has been fitted inside the car, supported by 3-dimensional scan of the track for creating awareness of the car’s position. The autonomous Mustang, dressed in silver racing livery celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the festival, will make its first attempt on 12 July morning and if everything goes well, the run will be repeated twice every day for the duration of the festival until 15 July. Cameras will be mounted both on the exterior and inside the cabin so that footages can be live streamed on big screens inside the festival.