Automated Delivery
Nuro and Kroger commence sending self-driving cars for deliveries

Self-driving cars are gradually blending into our daily live in different disguises. The latest autonomous related news comes from self-driving electric car startup Nuro and American supermarket chain Kroger. Earlier this year the two companies announce their partnership of deploying driverless pods for delivering groceries, and the pilot for this service has kicked off last week.

The pilot first runs on a single Fry’s Food and Drug Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Customers placing orders via the website or mobile app can choose for same-day or next-day delivery with a flat rate, and the groceries will be delivered by autonomous vehicle. However, instead of sending Nuro’s fully autonomous R1 specifically designed to transport goods on the street of Scottsdale, the service now runs on self-driving Toyota Prius fleet first and Nuro R1 will be introduced this fall.