Atmoph Window
Travel Across the World Without Leaving Home.

Our channel of vision has become pathetically narrow by being crowded in the urban forest. This has, however, initiated the idea of transforming a digital device into a window, to display the landscapes of the world at all times. What I am talking about here is the “Atmoph Window”, a digital window which was recently developed by the Kyoto-based team, Start Up Atmoph. This 27-inch high-definition screen is used to present images of beautiful landscapes from around the world, where over 200 pictures of iconic high-rise buildings, landmarks, local attractions, blue skies, sceneries of lakes and the starry sky are included. These dynamic images also render the movement of clouds, trees, and even the subtly changing angles of the natural sun rays instantly. When displayed in sync with the live stereo effect, it makes one feel as if they are there at the scene.

High-quality video and sound capture is the main element of the Atmoph Window, where professional 4k cameras with hi-res microphones were used for its recording. This ensures that the scenery being rendered is just like a sight out of a window. The team particularly analyzed the horizon and the angle of the position for each scenario, so that the frame is able to capture all of the beautiful elements to create a good composition. Different from regular digital photo frames, Atmoph Window emphasizes on initiating human interaction, which is why they have also added the function of real- time video transmission. Scenes such as the crowded streets of London, a tranquil Zen garden in Kyoto, or a field of sheep in New Zealand is simply transmitted through Wi-Fi onto the users’ smart phone, and they can freely pick out their preferred scene from their device. With a simplistic and elegant industrial design, it fits in anywhere in the home. When technology is invented from a humane idea, it does not feel so cold anymore.