Art In Bricks
LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night

The LEGO Ideas platform has been the catalyst for plenty of inspiring model sets, all created by LEGO builders from different parts of the world. With no limitations on the subject matter, projects gaining support from over 10,000 fellow LEGO enthusiasts have a chance to be turned into a production LEGO set, and this stunning recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting is an example of that process in action.

The remarkable fan concept The Starry Night is the creation of Truman Cheng from Hong Kong, and it gives us a brand new paradigm on how LEGO pieces can be used as an expression of art. Cheng has always been fascinated by van Gogh’s unique colours and brushwork and as such, the iconic details of The Starry Night have all been captured in 3D brick, including the swirling cloud, the stars, the little village, and the cypress tree. In addition to the painting, Cheng also added a Vincent van Gogh mini figurine with paintbrush, painting palette, and easel stand, which only adds to the surreal feel of the 1,552-piece set.

LEGO designers are currently working on the refinement of the commercial model set — we’re looking forward to seeing the set in its final incarnation.