Arriving In Style
Limo-Jet by Jetsetter

Long wheelbase limousine is often associated with luxury and wealth, but for a show stopping factor, the pictured Limo-Jet owned by Illinois-based Jetsetter, Inc should knock down any lengthy black limo.

Debuted at the KnowledgeFest happening in Dallas this week, the concept of turning a Learjet into a limo first developed in 2006 by Dan Harris and Exotic Coach owners Frank DeAngelo and Michael Kashevatsky, However it took years of R&D before the actual building commence and it was recently completed. Painted in metallic red, the vehicle is 100% street legal and powered by a gasoline 8 cylinder engine. Inside, the Limo-Jet is equally extravagant, filled with neon lights, speakers, screens and ample of seats for parties. The only entrance is a side door, as in any private jet.

Jetsetter, Inc intends to bring the Limo-Jet to various trade shows and rent it out to brands for marketing and promotional purposes, but the company will take custom order of building tailor-made Limo-Jet.