Angular Autonomous
Polestar 0 concept by Rashid Tagirov

Polestar is keen on becoming a key electric vehicle maker rivalling Tesla since being an individual brand separated from Volvos. Currently the Swedish brand has launched two models, the Polestar 1 and 2, with the Polestar 3 SUV being developed for a 2022 launch. So far fully autonomous car isn’t high on Polestar’s agenda, but Moscow based designer Rashid Tagirov has created one as an exercise.

Tagirov describes Polestar o as an autonomous performance sedan. Although the designer once worked at Volvo as an exterior design intern, he opted for a style based on modern architecture and minimalist form instead of following the footsteps of Polestar 1 and 2. The exterior of Polestar 0 is boxy and full of straight lines. The headlight appearance in the form of a full-width LED bar, even the wheel arches are angular, with fins on each side of the rear. As an autonomous car there is no need for side mirrors, so they are replaced with cameras and various kinds of sensors. Tagirov also believes a centralised controlled self-driving fleet would be more efficient for inter-urban and urban mobility and causes less accidents with the human factor removed.