An Extension Of Human Body
Zava PrometheuS hypercar concept

Italian startup Zava Hypercars was founded by automotive specialists in 2014, with the aim to create a fully electric hypercar developed through the first and only “open source” crowdfunded  automotive project. Recently the company has shared the teaser of their first concept that sounds innovative yet cryptic, and its name is PrometheuS.

The zero emissions electric hypercar concept is said to be equipped with Formula 1 performance, with large wheels, extreme aerodynamics and central cabin forward driving position being some of the elements could be found on the car. Additionally, Zava mentions “A.I. neuronal control systems” as one of the concept’s key features, and explains the new technologies on board could monitor the driver’s physical condition, guarantee real-time interaction between mind-car and eye-hands-controls, and turn the vehicle into “an extension of the human body”.

A 3D-printed 1:5 scale model of PrometheuS will debut later this week at Real Bodies Show in Milan, which is a display of human anatomy with whole bodies and human and animal organs. Even though the concept is supposed to connect deeply with the driver for maximising driving experience, the Real Bodies Show is still a pretty odd situation for launching a futuristic, angular automotive concept, especially when it share the same name as a sci-fi blockbuster. Take a look at the teaser to judge for yourself.