An Autonomous car based on BMW i8
Rinspeed Etos


Swiss tuning and design house Rinspeed is famous for their unconventional concept cars. While other carmakers design concept cars that have more power and better performance than current technologies allow, Rinspeed’s concept cars resemble something fresh from a sci-fi movie or, at least something designed for decades in the future. Their latest concept, Etos, was revealed at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, and Rinspeed just showcased the prototype at this month’s Geneva Motor Show.

Etos seems undoubtedly likeable judging from the rendering images and details released so far. A hybrid-powered sports car based on the BMW i8, it is designed to be fully self-driving. The steering wheel can retract while in autonomous mode, allowing you to simply sit back and relax or even read a book, while Etos insures everything is well taken care of. The Etos even carries it own drone that has its own landing pad on the rear deck. Eight HD exterior cameras monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and provide 180-degree panoramic views. While the Etos’ list of unusual features is quite lengthy, we are most curious to see how Rinspeed manages brings these ideas into reality.