Always Surprising
Holga Printer

Do you still recall the local brand from Hong Kong named Holga? After they launched Holga Digital Camera in year 2015, they finally showed up in Kickstarter recently. But for this time, in stead of cameras, they have brought us a printer. Using Fuji Instax mini film, Holga Printer is very easy to manipulate. You only have to set up, make the image on the monitor facing downward, then put on the printer. Just press the shutter and a photograph will be ready to be grabbed in your hands. Apart from extremely convenient to carry, it is actually a purely manual device which means that no battery is needed, which also means that you would never have to charge it before using it anytime. If buying the whole box of films with the same style did not sound appealing to you, Holga printer allows you to choose different styles or filter for each of them by using the App designed for this printer specifically (and of course Holga filter is included), blending mobile photography and classic experience perfectly. By looking at the web page of Holga Printer on Kickstarter, you can definitely see there are many supporters waiting in anticipation.