Always Online
Bentley to launch world’s first super-fast, secure in-car WiFi

Most modern dwellers rely heavily on the internet, be it streaming music and films for leisure or having video conference with people in different parts of the world. Having a fast, stable and secure connection 24/7 seems to be something people need, even on the road, which might explain the reason why Bentley is going to introduce the Advanced Connectivity WiFi system in all Bentley models in 2019.

Passengers on a Bentley car can access the high-speed and secure in-car WiFi system via a dedicated smartphone app, which offers “uninterrupted mobile network coverage while travelling”, even at speeds of 110 km/h. Accessing and editing files, holding video conferences or streaming high-definition video across multiple devices on the go wouldn’t be a problem.

For this project, Bentley has partnered with Viasat, a company having managed 14 million WiFi hotspots and hotspot network in nearly 30 countries and bringing in-flight WiFi to commercial and government aircraft worldwide. The connectivity system uses multi-channel virtual private network (VPN) to aggregate up to three mobile network operators on one super-fast signal, and it is placed discreetly inside the trunk, while the router is connected to the on-board DC power supply. The WiFi router links to a broadband connected hub at a static site, then this hub links the Bentley system to the broadband connection host site for reliable and secure connectivity.