Alternative Use Of A Beautiful Engine
Alfa Romeo Engine Coffee Table by Custom Brothers

You might be able to see some telltale signs when stepping inside the home of an automotive enthusiast. These could be miniatures, posters, or books covering all facets of their favourite manufacturer or specific model. For hardcore devotees, the Alfa Romeo engine coffee table created by Custom Brothers screams “I’m a car enthusiast” louder than just about anything else, short of a complete classic car sitting between the couch and the dining table.

Measuring 65 cm wide, 65 cm deep, and 63 cm tall, the engine used to create this coffee table is an authentic Alfa Romeo V6 engine that is no longer functioning. The engine, sometimes referred to as the “Busso V6”, was developed by in-house technical designer Giuseppe Busso, and had a long production period from 1979 to 2005. While it’s unclear exactly when this particular example was produced, the engine shown here has a displacement of 2.5 litres, meaning it was the original version that could have been applied used in signature models like the Alfa Romeo Alfa 6.

The handmade coffee table is completed with a glass top, metal base in red, and wheels for easy mobility. Only one example is left for sale and will be dispatched from Poland. More details can be found on the listing here.