Alternative F1 World
Driverless F1 Model Kits imagined

Each February, the Formula 1 challengers of the new season are unveiled, but before we have a chance to view this year’s contestants we were introduced to autonomous F1 fantasy that could only happen in the alternative universe.

The creator of this rendering series, John Frye, is the Principal Designer and Group Leader of Digital Modelling in Honda America by day, so there’s no question about his marvellous skills. Frye has dreamed up quite a few of  driverless F1 race cars, dated back from the 1960s, that feature his favourite elements of F1 race cars, while the signature liveries and names in alternative spellings remind you the original car in mind. What’s more interesting is that Frye put his imagined cars as the cover stars of model kits, which just make the whole thing even more quirky.

The latest one from the series is the “1977 Aiero K2 Zandvoort”, which plays on the Arrow F1 racer with golden livery from the late 1970s. While there’s no sign of autonomous F1 in the near future, can someone at least turn these model kits into reality please.