All-Timber Neighbourhood
Fælledby by Henning Larsen

As city dwellers we are used to seeing glass-cladded and concrete skyscrapers everywhere, but a new masterplan proposed for Copenhagen will bring things towards a more natural path. The new community, Fælledby, was designed by Henning Larsen Architects in collaboration with engineering consultancy MOE, trying to present how human can live with nature in a modern and harmonic way.

Henning Larsen explained that sustainability is key for the masterplan. Fælledby will be the very first district in Copenhagen being built fully in wood, incorporating natural habitats that encourage richer growth for plants and animals. Referencing the rural village model, the masterplan is divided into three circular mini-villages surrounded by greenery and home to 7,000 people. Around 40% of the 44 acre masterplan will be preserved in natural conditions such as wetlands and dry scrub for insects, turtles, songbirds, deer and more to thrive.

The houses will come in single, double and family versions, with a total of 37 types in different sizes and styles. The planted facades and built-in birdhouses host insects and birds, and every collection of buildings hosting around 150 people will have its own garden or greenhouse to take care of.