All-terrain Monstor
Mansory Xerocole UTV

Founded in 1989, the German car tuning company, Mansory has been adding their distinctive and remarkable touch-ups to several world-class cars.  From luxury cars like Bentley and Rolls Royce to high-performance ones like Ferrari and Bugatti.  What made their works recognized?  As they do not only focus on offering facelift to the exterior design, but also enhancing the performance of the already-best-of-the-kind models.  This time, they are picked Can-Am Maverick to showcase their unique craftsmanship.

Named Xerocole, this new side-by-side UTV has been upgraded from its predecessor in various aspects.  The standard Rotax Ace 0.9-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 195HP in the original Maverick has been tuned to produce 222HP.  Numerous carbon fiber components have been added all around the UTV for light-weight and additional strength.  The husky sculpted roof does not only enhance the silhouette of the vehicle but also gives extra functionality with mounted lights equipped.  The interior is wrapped in leather and Alcantara for a luxury and comfortable touch.  Isn’t it cool for outdoor adventure?

What’s more – the UTV is now uplifted in bright orange and black scheme, which make this powerful all-terrain challenger looks even more energetic.