All About Hair Care
Dyson Supersonic HD03

Hair cannot be repaired once it is damaged and the famous electronic brand Dyson focuses their attention and technologies on hair damage prevention rather than repairing. That’s why the company always gather comments from existing users of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer as well as research on hair types and issues from consumers from different parts of the world. It is found that people having fine hair and sensitive scalps may feel the heat and airflow more easily during a blow out, resulting in discomfort and unsatisfied styling. Another issue is that direct heat fades colour-treated hair.

The new upgraded Supersonic HD03 now comes with four attachments, including the latest Gentle Air attachment which diffuses the air and create a gentle, cooler airflow. The temperature of the airflow is now 20℃ lower, so user can now put the hair dryer nearer to the scalp for a more airy styling without discomfort. The Styling Concentrator and Diffuser have been upgraded too. The Styling Concentrator now has a wider and thinner option that creates a high-velocity blade of air that’s perfect for styling, while the re-engineered diffuser disperses air more evenly and works great on curls. The Smoothing Nozzle attachment is still here for create a smooth, natural finish with smooth, controlled airflow. All styling attachments manage to stay in a just warm, touchable temperature during using thanks to the air-insulation technology.

The upgraded Dyson Supersonic HD03 hairdryer in Fuchsia will be available at Dyson online store and major retailers starting from 12 July, while the Black/Purple (online limited) and Silver/White editions can also be pre-ordered on Dyson online store on the same day.

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