Aircraft In The Backyard
Skyfly Axe

Over the years we’ve come across plenty of EVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) concepts and while it’s fun to dream, sometimes we end up just wishing for something a little more tangible than your usual 3D rendered concept. Thankfully, the Axe by Skyfly has answered the call and is expected to enter production in 2024. British company Skyfly is so confident in its progress that it’s already taking pre-orders.

Unlike other EVTOL aircraft, the two-seat Axe is capable of flying either like a helicopter or a conventional fixed-wing aircraft. It’s safe to say that Skyfly has a more realistic view of commercial air taxis with autonomous piloting, as the company doesn’t see it coming for at least a decade.  Therefore, Skyfly sees existing and aspiring pilots as potential buyers. The fact that Axe can be flown and stored at home in the back garden makes it extremely convenient and cost-effective. It can also land on a “homing patch” fixed on the top deck of a yacht, which scores extra points for accessibility.

Powered by eight 35 kW motors and 48 kph batteries, the Axe has a speed of 100mph and a range of 100 miles, with up to 200 miles available through the optional range extender. With a base price of £150,000 plus VAT, this is just as accessible as a decent sports car.