Ahead Of The Game
IndyCar launches new race car

IndyCar unveiled the new, redesigned race car and aero package for 2018 season at the Detroit Motor Show. Starting from this year, factory teams will be able to adopt a universal aero kit instead of developing their own, which helps keep costs down and making the series more accessible to manufacturers.

The car was introduced by last year’s series champion Josef Newgarden of Team Penske, who said on stage, “IndyCar is really looking to deliver on big promises. As you can see, it’s bolder, it’s more daring and, really, we believe it has improved aerodynamics that are going to help the racing product tremendously, so I’m looking forward to that probably the most.” Indeed Newgarden and drivers have previously spoken to IndyCar and suggested for a change in the design. Legendary racer Mario Andretti also seemed to have approved of the new car, joking about his desire to come out of retirement and race it.

The Dallara IR-12 chassis and its universal aero kit will be paired with Chevrolet and Honda power. In early testing the car showed around 20% less downforce, less drag and a faster straight-line speed. The wheel guards are gone and the spoiler is smaller, with the overall look getting less boxy and much sleeker.

The new car will debut on track in St. Petersburg, Florida on 11 March for the season kickoff.