Aged New Look
Tempus Machina 711Z Custom Rolex GMT Master II

The original “Bakelite” Rolex GMT is a solid favourite among collectors. The multiple time-zone function has ensured it has been frequently seen on the wrists of commercial pilots and intrepid travellers since in 1950s. Tempus Machina is paying tribute to the original “Bakelite” 6542 by turning the current model 116710 GMT-Master II into a customised piece that shares the iconic look of the 6542. 

The work involved in creating the 711Z GMT Master limited edition is both meticulous and mesmeric. The dial is carefully plated in 18k gold using traditional techniques, resulting in true negative-relief gilt found in early Rolexes. While inspired by the brittle bakelite bezel of the original watch, 711Z features a polished insert of scratch-resistant clear sapphire and the bezel was re-profiled with a “Coin Edge” look. The hand is customised with small arrow and the numerals and indicators are now luminous. The crown is replaced with a 7 mm low profile version to match with the thinner, lug-holed case.