Aero Wonder
Red Bull’s Aston Martin AM-RB 001

Aston Martin’s partnership with Red Bull to build an entirely unlimited expression of the ultimate Aston Martin now has a form. Cast your eyes on what Red Bull’s F1 aerodynamic design genius Adrian Newey hath wrought. Codenamed Project AM-RB 001, this stunning unicorn’s design brief focuses on a street-legal hypercar capable of lapping tracks faster than an F1 car.

While Newey and Aston Martin’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, stress that the car’s final specifications are still subject to modification, the images seen here reveal the immense potential of their creation. Here’s what we know so far. The AM-RB 001 will carry a naturally aspirated V-12 of between 6.0 and 7.0 litres, of perhaps 1,000hp, mated with an eight-speed sequential-shift automated manual transmission driving the rear wheels. The engine will be unique to the AM-RB 001, and built by a third-party supplier with extensive Formula 1 history. It will be severely compact as it will need to fit below a low roofline, a high floor, and two massive venturi tunnels on either side of the ultra-light carbon fibre monocoque. The 001’s power-to-weight target is one horsepower per kilogram (2.2 pounds), so the AM-RB 001 will weigh between 2,200 to 2,400 pounds.

But the astounding potential of the AM-RB 001 is ultimately governed by its aerodynamic package. Luckily, Mr. Newey has that well in hand; the car is a doctoral thesis of speed-enhancing ground effects form.The AM-RB 001’s massive leading edge is a large opening that effeciently funnels fast-moving air into the cavernous venturis along either side of the cockpit and out to the rear, creating massive amounts of downforce. The boat-hull-shaped cockpit sits high above the road surface, with the passenger’s legs horizontally raised ala an F1 pilot.When the highly-managed air stream reaches the rear of the car, a “blown” spoiler diffuses the flow to join the exhaust air exiting through the upper body surface. This combined volume is then directed through the spoiler elements, speeding the airflow and further increasing downforce.