Accessible Racer
Spice-X electric race car

Hailing from Piedmont, Italy, the Spice-X is an electric race car that can be seen hitting the track soon. Spice-X differs from the current Formula 1 single-seater as the chassis hulls the entire body. Developed by Mastery Design, Performance Car and AM Construction Models for smaller and more accessible races, Spice-X’s is more in the style of LMP1 and two versions with different power level would be available.

Under the chassis is a fully electric automatic transmission that offers excellent performance  that can be maintained with relatively low costs. Designed by Fabrizio Pepe of Mastery Design, the aerodynamics body conceals a tubular frame. Measuring 3,827 mm long and 1,695 mm wide, the car only weigh only 600 kg. The small size means the two 30 kW motors is enough to power the 0-100 accelerations in 3.5 seconds quickest, while the top speed is 210 km/h for the higher version. Spice-X is now seeking investors and teams for bringing the concept on the track and the companies have started exploring the possibility of having a two-seat version.