A Vehicle With Passion
Renault Cheval imagined

Many vehicles these days are built of quality, so how the products connect with their target audience is not just on the specifications and performance but also on the emotive level.

Independent automotive designer Amandeep Verma imagined a Renault sport coupe concept named Cheval (‘horse’ in French) that is created based on love and passion. Taking inspirations from horses, fighter jets, bulls, sharks and tigers, he defined the overall design of the car as for giving “a reflection of the power, aggressiveness, swiftness of a horse”. Sleek lines flow through the body with the dimensions of 4330 mm long, 2170 mm wide and 1080 mm tall and a 2776 mm long wheelbase. The concept is said to target owners who are passion about cars and sophisticated and love long drive. It is difficult to evaluate with the designer’s target segment, the electric concept’s appearance, however, does separate itself from the production Renaults for a nice change.

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