A Unique Prancing Horse
Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari has just launched the marque’s first ever four-door, four-seater vehicle after 75 years spent creating the world’s finest two-door sports cars. The Purosangue is finally here, and the spirit of those seven decades worth of sporting excellence is carried through to this new model — hence the name Purosangue, which means ‘thoroughbred’ in Italian.

Ferrari has distinguished the Purosangue from other luxury SUVs on the market by mounting its powerful V12 engine in the mid-front position and the gearbox at the rear, creating a well-balanced transaxle layout. With the Power Transfer Unit fitted at the front, an optimal 49:51 percent weight distribution for a mid-front-engined sports car been acheived. The 6.5-litre V12 generates 715 hp and 716 Nm, and takes the Purosangue from zero to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, zero to 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds, and to a top speed of over 310 km/h.

Measuring 4,973 mm long, 2,028 mm wide, and 1,589mm tall, the body of the Purosangue is stylishly crafted without neglecting aerodynamic efficiency. The car’s sultry flanks do more than just create a stunning silhouette — they also limit the amount of air entering the wheel arch as much as possible. The bodyshell is made from materials ranging from aluminium to carbon fibre, including the single-shell carbon-fibre roof with integrated soundproofing.

The elegantly-designed cabin is, as you’d expect from Ferrari, very unique and includes four separate and independently adjustable full-size seats. The backseats can also be fully raked to increase the car’s luggage capacity.

The Purosangue is available in various paint hues, with the Nero Purosangue pictured specifically developed for the new car. The special colour comes with intense red reflections under certain lighting conditions, which only further enhances the car’s impressive lines and curves.