A Trickle Can Become a Flood
Art in Ad Places

Art in Ad Places’ is a project created by artist Caroline Caldwell and writer RJ Rushmore. The pair think that outdoor advertisements have taken over yet under-utilised our public spaces, while at the same time cause visual pollution. Therefore, the duo has started a 52-week plan, collaborating with 55 artists and collectives around the country by inviting them to install their work in New York City payphone booths to replace advertisements. The team is hoping to use art as a medium to spread positive vibes and build a better public environment.

The artists and groups have names that are very familiar, like Faust and Jeremyville, and behind the scenes, the artists’ thoughts and ideas come together with photographs taken by Luna Park as a book, recording the whole project in detail.

Quoted from the work of John Fekner: ‘My Ad Is No Ad’. In this city, overwhelmed with advertisements, these pay phone booths are definitely a beginning of many other things.