A Trailer For All Occassions
Polydrops P17X Explorer Trailer

A big part of the excitement that c0mes from going on a road trip comes from exploring new places, and that’s why it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to storage and living quarters solutions for bigger trips when the boot of your car just isn’t going to cut it, and a hotel room just isn’t on the cards. Los Angeles’ Polydrops has been designing trailers specifically for road trips since 2017, and its latest model, the P17X, is the best yet.

Polydrops is known for its stunningly angular and futuristic exterior design, and the P17X stays well within that lane, though it has been boosted with several upgrades for a better overlanding experience. The front of the trailer is prepped with body armour to prevent stone chips, while the 29-inch all-terrain help create 15-inches of ground clearance. The trailer works well in an off-grid environment thanks to a solar panel and up to 12 kWh batteries. Other than powering all the lighting, induction stove, refrigerator, and 110V outlets, the system also supports an air conditioner and heater. With the 8.7-inch thick R-14 insulation structure, the indoor temperature can be kept at 20ºC when it’s below freezing outside.

Almost all of the interior is taken up by a bed that sleeps two people, but there is still some space left for storage and a pair of built-in Bluetooth speakers. A large awning provides nice shade when needed, and the trailer also comes with an outdoor shower and a sink. Priced at US$34,990, the Polydrops 17X can be pre-ordered now for a summer delivery.

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