A Snake From Turin
Camal Aznom SerpaS

turin’s Camal Studio has launched a radical concept commissioned by Aznom of Monza. Named SerpaS (“snake” in the Torinese dialect), the front of the car resembles a snake in attack position. The sports car is meant for the circuit and does not have a roof or windshield. The carbon fibre chassis is coated in hand-formed aluminium bodywork, which allows the SerpaS to weigh around the 900 kg.

Under the smooth silhouette is a 2.6-litre V8 engine that offers 363 hp at 10,300 rpm. An electric version can also be expected by 2020. The interior was penned by Aznom of Monza and features leather and carbon fibre elements; a modern interpretation of post-war Italian race cars. The very low height allows the driver and passenger to climb inside and out without the need of a door. Owners can opt to include an “Experience” package for guided tours during the car’s production and driving courses at Monza Circuit.