A Sleek Upgrade
HondaJet Elite S

We’re all very familiar with Honda and its various two and four-wheeled models, but less well known is the manufacturer’s foray into the business jet sector with the establishment of the Honda Aircraft Company in 2006, with the company being 100% owned by Honda America. While the aircraft arm might not be a household name yet, the launch of the latest HondaJet Elite S is definitely going to introduce it to a wider audience.

The HondaJet Elite S is an upgraded version of HondaJet Elite, which debuted in 2018. The highlight of the new model is an additional 200 lbs on its maximum takeoff weight, meaning an extra passenger can be taken on board, or alternatively being able to fly up to 120 nm further. There are brand new paint schemes too in Gunmetal, Luxe Gold, and Deep Sea Blue — exclusively available for this model. The cabin is well equipped with a full-service galley, a private lavatory with an optional belted seat, plus a Bongiovi sound system.

As the company’s range-topping model, HondaJet Elite S incorporates plenty of technological innovations such as the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) nose and wing, and composite fuselage. Other new avionics features include using FAA DataComm and ACARS to replace traditional voice commands with text-based messaging for ensuring clear and efficient communications. Additionally, the new Advanced Steering Augmentation System (ASAS) helps to maximise safety and takes some of the workload off the pilot.