A Sculptural Maserati
Wim Delvoye Opens Solo Exhibition at Galerie Perrotin New York

Belgian neo-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye is holding his eleventh solo exhibition in New York City, his sixth one-person show and his first singular presentation at Galerie Perrotin New York.

The centerpiece of Delvoye’s solo show is the sculpture Maserati, which was recently exhibited in his surveys at Montreal’s DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. The sculpture is interpreted in the form of the body of a late-1950s Maserati 450S racing car, which has been intricately hand-embossed by Iranian artisans with elaborate Middle Eastern designs, thus creating—as the artist ironically implied in a recent interview in The Art Newspaper—“a new flying carpet.”

Another stand-out piece of the exhibition is a Dunlop Geomax 100/90-19 57M motorcycle tyre from Delvoye’s “Twisted Tyre” series, which has been scanned and warped into a variety of digitally derived Möbius-rings. Completely cast in stainless steel, each superbly sculpted tyre is patinated black, while the wheel is brightly polished to smartly lend the artist’s simulations a form of reality.

The exhibition runs until October 29, 2017.

Galerie Perrotin New York