A Reflection On Childhood
“Broken Time” exhibition by John Margaritis

Artist John Margaritis of New York Sunshine will be launching his latest exhibition – “Broken Time” during Miami’s big Art Week. Growing up in his father’s cabinet shop, Margaritis learnt to value the importance of working with one’s hands from a young age. While he never aspired to become a woodworker for a living, he has absorbed that legacy, with his own contemporary take on it.

“Broken Time” is Margaritis’ reflection on childhood and a projection of his current visions, drawing inspiration from his youth along with his foray into the art world – ultimately expressing a duality between artisanship and mainstream contemporary culture. With memories of leaving work early to watch basketball and working late till after the games had finished on TV, one of the exhibition’s feature pieces is a 12 feet tall,  basketball themed installation titled “Untitled 1”. Another item, the wheelbarrow chair, is an object that Margaritis had wanted to create for a long time, after having seen workers tip their wheelbarrows up during breaks and eating lunch in them. However, his rendition of the wheelbarrow chair features a soft lining for a more comfortable experience that placing one’s behind on bare steel, but ultimately, it retains its primary function as a wheelbarrow, with a load rating of over 750 lbs.

“Broken Time” runs from 5 to 9  December on 187 NW 27th Street in Miami, Florida.