A Practical Fantasy
"Lectori Salutem" by Jeroen Verhoeven

It’s difficult to specify whether Dutch creator Jeroen Verhoeven is an artist or a designer. Together with his twin brother Joep, the duo defines their work as “materialising the poetry of life with 21st-century craftsmanship.” The Jeroen brothers also established a design collective called Demakersvan with fellow Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Judith de Graauw in 2005, working on both self-initiated projects and commercial collaborations, while some of their works have been exhibited at MoMA, V&A, Centre Pompidou and more.

“Lectori Salutem” is equally difficult to categorise as its creator. As the successor to the “Cinderella Table” — the plywood table combing the profiles of a commode and a dressing table at a 90-degree which Verhoeven made his name with, “Lectori Salutem” continues to showcase fluid curves that do not naturally exist. It is composed of no less than 150 separate panels of stainless steel, all of them were hand polished to a state of high reflectivity. While the outer surface features seamless fluidity, the back of the desk is completely open, exposing a contrasting and complex interior scaffolding.

Only 20 examples were created in 2010. One of them will be available in the Design auction at Phillips New York on 17 December, with an estimate of US $120,000 to 180,000.