A New Countermeasure
Scuderia Ferrari FI5 pulmonary ventilator

As the world began experiencing a shortage of pulmonary ventilators due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many automakers and other industrial plants began putting their skills and facilities to good use to develop their own versions of these life-saving machines.

Ferrari was one such company that took up this social responsibility and has even made its creation open source. The Italian supercar manufacturer’s own pulmonary ventilator, codenamed FI5, is now available to serve those in emergencies.

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow teamed up with the Italian Institute of Technology for this important project, with the design being conceived in just five weeks — hence the “5” in its name. The Scuderia’s engineers carried out the CAD design work to define the pneumatic and mechanical parts and dynamic simulation, while IIT sourced all the materials, designed the electronics, firmware, and control software.

FI5 is designed to meet the typical demands of medium intensive care and can be produced at a lower cost than currently available pulmonary ventilators. The open-source nature of the project also means that anyone can freely obtain the FI5 design since its release a month ago.

Mexico was the first country to take up the project, with three FI5 prototypes having already been produced there so far. Once the prototypes have been approved by the Ministry of Health, FI5 will go into mass production and will be supplied to emergency departments nationwide.