A New Chapter Is Coming
Ferrari teases Purosangue SUV

As the SUV market continues to grow, more and more luxury automakers have entered the fray with high-performance SUVs. Think Aston Martin’s DBX, Lamborghini’s Urus, and Bentley’s Bentayga, to name a few. Rumours of Ferrari’s first SUV offering have been circulating for a few years now, and the Maranello manufacturer has finally addressed the big question.

Unveiling a teaser image on its website, the automaker has made the following statement, “A new, and very different Ferrari is coming.­ A car whose bloodline can be traced back through our 75-year history of innovation, evolution and uncompromising performance.”

While the teaser just shows the front of the car enveloped in shadow, we can still see that the form is tall and has a good amount of ground clearance, with sleek strip-style LED headlights. These scant details only serve to heighten the interest of Tifosi worldwide as anticipation for what Ferrari describes as a “genuine game-changer” grows ever stronger.

The codename “Purosangue” first surfaced in 2018. It’s unclear if this will become the name of the brand new SUV, but as the marque declares on its website… All will be revealed later this year.