A Hidden Racetrack
Slot Mods Porsche 917 Le Mans Slot Car Raceway

Owning a toy car racetrack at home is the dream of any self-respecting kid (and adult enthusiast). The slot car raceway shown here, though, is so exquisite on so many levels that even the most uninterested of bystanders surely couldn’t avoid being drawn in.

The stunning racetrack was recently sold on Bring a Trailer for US$ 205,000. Built by Detroit-based company Slot Mods, it’s no exaggeration to say this raceway is one of the most creative tributes to the 1971 film Le Mans starring Steve McQueen ever seen. The 1:32-scale slot car raceway was modelled after the Circuit de la Sarthe course seen in the film, and is housed in a replica Porsche 917 body wearing period Gulf livery, as seen in the film being piloted by McQueen. The replica 917 is almost the exact same size as the genuine example and is fitted with functional headlights, taillights, race tyres and other realistic details. It opens like a clamshell via remote control or the surface-mounted switch.

There are a huge amount of interesting little details to be found on the two-lane slot car raceway, which measures 13 feet long and six feet wide. The race course features two hairpin turns and is surrounded by trackside structures, trees, streetlights, a pit area, and a two-tier grandstand. Plenty of miniature figurines are present to create a more lived-in feel, and items such as the Dunlop bridge and Martini barn, as well as other sponsor logos, add an extra layer of authenticity. Included in the set are 19 slot cars wearing signature liveries and two race controllers.