A Gaming Crossover
Nike PG-2

Incorporating different technological elements into its products is something that Nike have always strived for, for example the Back to the Future Mag and HyperAdapt, both featuring the famous self-lacing function. When Nike was developing its second signature shoe, PG2, for NBA star and gaming enthusiast Paul George, they took the opportunity to create a PlayStation-themed shoe with Sony’s official endorsement.

George considers himself one of the biggest gamers in the NBA and getting a pair of PlayStation sneakers has always been on his wish list.  Designer Tony Hardman took that as inspiration and worked directly with the PlayStation team on the details. A host of nods towards the PlayStation 4 and Dualshock 4 controller can be found on the sneakers. Paul George’s initials and the PlayStation logo can separately be found on each tongue. What’s more, touching the tongue makes it pulsate like the Dualshock controller and the logos light up in blue, as if you just are switching on the console. The shoes also features eyelets coloured in the same shade as PlayStation buttons and the signature PS button symbols (of circle, triangle, cross, square, etc.) are embossed on patent leather on each shoe. Additionally, there is a PSN voucher code at the back of the left shoe, which can be used for redeeming a Paul George Dynamic Theme for PS4. The PG2 drops globally on 10 February 10 and more information can be found on the official site.