A Future Vision for F1
Renault R.S. 2027 Vision concept

Renault has forecasted where Formula 1 will be heading to in ten year’s time with its R.S. 2027 Vision concept racer. Debuted at Auto Shanghai, the concept car is more daring and futuristic considering its short 10 year target, and it’s catching everyone’s attention.

Renault predicts 2027 F1 races will be “more human, more conscious of the entertainment factor, more exciting” and that is reflected in the design of the concept. Opting for a closed cockpit to ensure driver’s safety, Renault has used a 3D-printed cockpit and helmet, which is transparent to make sure spectators can see every move and facial expression of the driver. LED lighting is incorporated into the wheels and moving aerodynamic parts like active wings just add to the wow factor.

R.S. 2027 Vision has an improved power/weight ratio, with power peaking at 1 megawatt (1340hp) and heft only 800 kg. Being a hybrid and using high-energy-density batteries, the four-wheel steering concept is more environmentally-friendly than its current counterpart, having only half the fuel tank capacity and going into full-electric mode for the pit lane.

The human aspect is further enhanced as there will be more interaction between different cars and greater connection with race viewers. For example the LED lighting can display data such as driver’s position and vehicle’s energy situation. Fans can also vote on social media and the popular drivers will be offered power boosts, as is seen in Formula E.