A Dark New Look
Mercedes-Maybach Night Series

Mercedes-Maybach has introduced a new, darkened look to its portfolio through the Night Series package. The new design package adds elegant exterior and interior elements to the three Mercedes-Maybach models — namely the first electric car in the series, the EQS SUV, as well as the S-Class, and the GLS.

The common feature across the three Night Series package cars is a dark chrome treatment on the grille, air intake inserts, trims and more, plus the inclusion of rose gold details and dark metallic chrome accents in the headlights. The wheels, too, are now refined with a dark-glossy Maybach pattern.

Each Mercedes-Maybach model has dedicated Night Series paint finishes. For the EQS SUV, this means Obsidian Black, Diamond White Bright, and an Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver two-tone finish. The S-Class is available in grey, black and white hues, plus the exclusive Onyx Black/Mojave Silver two-tone paint finish. As for the GLS, the paint finish options are white, Obsidian Black and a two-tone Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver.

The interior of the three cars has also been given the Night Series treatment, with a black interior with Black Pearl leather being available for all three models. Crystal White with a Black Pearl accent is an alternative option for the EQS SUV and the GLS, and both models feature superior herringbone decor and metallic pilasters. For the S-Class, the second option is Manufaktur Deep White/Black, while golden-grey glossy piping is also an exclusive extra for the S-Class only.