A Crossover of Modern and Antiquated
Katalis EV.500

When most of the manufacturers develop their new electric motorcycles and scooters, they usually tend to design them with a futuristic look and a sleek silhouette, or with top-notch materials that give a premium feel. Some mould-breaking startups, however, don’t think in the same way, attempting to find smarter ways to package their electric rides by giving them a little unexpected aesthetic. A recent example of this is the Katalis EV.500 from Jakarta, Indonesia.

The coolest thing about this vehicle is its appearance. Taking inspiration from WW2 fighters, the Katalis EV.500 possesses a comparatively chunky body made from 6061 aluminium. The riveted body, which comprises the tail, fairing, tank, and front and rear shrouds, is brushed in raw-finished silvery grey to give a vintage look. On top of this, a vintage voltmeter, a covered headlight switch, and an old-fashioned turn-key starter have been added to enhance the retro style.

This extraordinary motorcycle is, however, not exactly a high-performance machine. The mechanicals have been taken from a little Selis Garuda e-scooter — a 500W motor and 48V, 12Ah battery. This means the EV.500 can manage just 40km/h and has a 40km range in one single charge.